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Update notice for Academic Staff

Every year we need to rollover our reading lists so that they are updated to the new academic year (2024/25). We will do this after 5pm on Wednesday 17th July. Please can you ensure that no lists are edited from this time otherwise there is a chance that the information may not be saved. You may resume list editing on Friday 19th July at 9.00 am. If you have any queries relating to this, please contact your Subject librarian.


You can type in keywords, look for module titles or codes, or Browse by faculty to find your reading list. Lists are the latest provided by your module leaders. If your reading list is unavailable here, and not linked from the module in Canvas, please contact your module leader.

Your reading list is the starting point for understanding the knowledge being taught in each module, that is necessary for completion of assignments.

  • Core readings cover key ideas and knowledge, and you are required to read from them throughout the module.
  • Recommended readings are required reading to understand specific parts of the module, or for a seminar or assignment.
  • Further reading is any other reading that tutors think will be helpful, for example, giving more detail on different topics, or further guidance with difficult concepts or processes.

You are not required to read all sources, or all of each source on a list. Often different readings on the same topic will be provided, so that you have a choice. If you are unsure, and your tutors do not provide further advice about reading expectations within the list, please contact them.