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Academic Literacy and Practice BIC3006-A Module
Accounting and Finance for Business BIC4004-B Module
Advanced Academic Study Skills BIC3014-A Module
Advanced Mathematical and Analytical Skills BIC6008-A Module
Applied Life Sciences BIC3017-B Module
Business and Professional English BIC6015-A Module
Cell Biology BIC3008-A Module
Chemistry BIC3009-A Module
Computer Systems BIC4011-B Module
Data Analysis and Statistics BIC3011-A Module
Digital Literacy BIC3002-A Module
Digital Media and Software BIC3020-A Module
Economics BIC3025-A Module
Electronics and Mechanics BIC4015-B Module
English for Academic Purposes BIC3001-A Module
English for Academic Purposes (Level 4) BIC4001-B Module
English for Master's Preparation 1 BIC6001-A Module
English for Master's Preparation 2 BIC6005-A Module
English for Specific Purposes BIC3005-A Module
Finance, Investment and Banking BIC6016-A Module
Foundation Mathematics BIC3003-A Module
Foundation Mathematics 2 BIC3007-A Module
Foundation Psychology BIC3012-A Module
Foundation Sociology BIC3013-A Module
Fundamentals of Marketing BIC4008-A Module
Fundamentals of Programming BIC4010-B Module
General English Skills BIC3027-Z Module
Global Issues and Responsible Management BIC4002-B Module
International Relations and Global Issues BIC3024-A Module
Introduction to Business Functions BIC3023-A Module
Introduction to Computer Systems BIC3019-A Module
Introduction to Computing and Creative Industries BIC3018-A Module
Introduction to Programming BIC3021-A Module
Introduction to Research Methods BIC3015-A Module
Introduction to Science BIC3004-A Module
Introduction to Social Sciences BIC3026-A Module
Introduction to Web Development BIC4013-A Module
Issues and Innovations BIC6012-A Module
Management in Context BIC6013-A Module
Mathematics for Engineering and Informatics BIC4009-B Module
Mechanical Principles BIC4016-B Module
Mechanics and Materials BIC3010-A Module
Mechanics of Materials BIC4017-A Module
Postgraduate Progression Project BIC6007-B Module
Practical and Laboratory Skills BIC6009-A Module
Preparing for Postgraduate Study in the UK BIC6006-A Module
Principles of Computer Aided Engineering BIC4014-B Module
Professional and Academic Practice BIC4006-A Module
Project Management Methodologies BIC6002-A Module
Quantitative Methods BIC6010-A Module
Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics BIC4003-A Module
Research Methods BIC6003-A Module
Scientific and Technical English BIC6004-A Module
Social Institutions BIC6014-A Module
Software Engineering BIC4012-B Module
Systems Integration BIC6011-A Module
The Economic Environment BIC4005-A Module
Undergraduate Progression Project BIC3016-B Module
Understanding Organisations BIC3022-A Module
Understanding People, Work and Organisations BIC4007-B Module

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