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3D and VR Workflows and Theory GAV5022-B Module
3D Character Creation GAV5012-B Module
3D Character Modelling and Animation GAV4003-B Module
Academic Reading and Writing ENB3002-B Module
Advanced AI Methods and Tools GAV6009-B Module
Advanced Character Animation (Level 5) GAV5007-B Module
Advanced Cryptography COS7047-B Module
Advanced Drawing for Production GAV5020-B Module
Advanced Electronic Systems Design - ELE6002-B ELE6002-B Module
Advanced Embedded Systems - ELE6014-B ELE6014-B Module
Advanced Engineering Design MAE6009-B Module
Advanced Final Year Project CSE7011-D Module
Advanced Fluid Mechanics with Aerodynamics MAE6013-B Module
Advanced Game Technology And Development GAV5025-B Module
Advanced Geometric Design and Tolerancing (JLR) MAE7029-A Module
Advanced Geotechnics CSE7009-B Module
Advanced IoT (Data Science For IoT) COS7043-B Module
Advanced Machine Learning COS7045-B Module
Advanced MEng Research Project CPE7010-D Module
Advanced Mobile and Satellite Communications - ELE6015-A ELE6015-A Module
Advanced Networking Protocols - ELE7028-B ELE7028-B Module
Advanced Process Modelling and Analysis (JLR) MAE7027-A Module
Advanced Solid Mechanics MAE7013-B Module
Advanced Statistics for Engineering MAE7023-A Module
Advanced Steel And Concrete Design CSE6011-B Module
Advanced Structural Analysis & Earthquake Engineering CSE7015-B Module
Advanced Structural Design CSE7014-B Module
Advanced Structural Engineering Project - CSE7005-B CSE7005-B Module
AI Methods and Tools GAV4015-B Module
AI Project Design and Development GAV4017-D Module
Analogue Electronics and Electrical Systems - ELE5002-B ELE5002-B Module
Application Programming And Development GAV5019-B Module
Artificial Intelligence COS5028-B Module
Augmented Reality Design: Principles and Practice GAV5023-B Module
Automotive Engineering MAE5009-B Module
Automotive Powertrain Engineering MAE6014-B Module
Automotive Tribology and Noise Vibration and Harshness MAE7031-B Module
Big Data Systems and Analytics COS7006-B Module
Big Data Visualisation (PG) COS7046-B Module
Biomaterials with implant design and technology MHT6013-B Module
Braking of Road Vehicles MAE7021-A Module
Braking System Noise, Vibration and Harshness (JLR) MAE7028-A Module
British Film and Television Fiction FAM5006-B Module
Building Information Modelling CSE7018-B Module
Business Systems Security COS7035-B Module
Cell and Tissue Biology MHT5007-B Module
Chemical Engineering Design Project CPE6007-D Module
Chemical Engineering Design Project CPE6007-B Module
Cinematic Language FAM7002-B Module
Classical Animation GAV5021-B Module
Clinical Biomechanics MHT7008-B Module
Clinical Diagnostics MHT7014-B Module
Clinical Instrumentation and Imaging MHT4004-B Module
Clinical Movement Analysis MHT5011-B Module
Cloud Computing COS7044-B Module
Coaching Development for Engineering and Process Improvement Projects (JLR) MAE7026-B Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics - CSE7004-A CSE7004-A Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Methods CSE7012-B Module
Computer Aided Engineering ENB4002-B Module
Computer Architecture and Systems Software COS4001-B Module
Computer Communications and Networks COS5025-B Module
Computer Communications and Networks - COS5010-B COS5010-B Module
Concurrent and Distributed Systems COS6012-B Module
Construction Management CSE7008-B Module
Construction Materials -CSE4002-A CSE4002-A Module
Control Engineering CPE6008-B Module
Control Engineering MAE5010-B Module
Control Systems Design - ELE7002-B ELE7002-B Module
Conventions of Animation GAV4001-B Module
Creative Industries FAM3001-B Module
Creativity and Imagination FAM4001-B Module
Cryptography and Network Security - ELE7027-B ELE7027-B Module
Cyber Security COS6008-B Module
Data Mining (Intensive Delivery) - COS7042-B COS7042-B Module
Data Mining - COS7028-B COS7028-B Module
Data Science for Applied AI GAV5026-B Module
Data Structures and Algorithms COS5021-B Module
Data Structures and Algorithms - COS5011-B COS5011-B Module
Database Systems COS5020-B Module
Database Systems - COS5006-B COS5006-B Module
Desalination Technology CPE7002-B Module
Design Build and Test ENG4006-B Module
Design of Experiments and Response Surface Modelling MAE7024-A Module
Design Of Steel And Concrete Structures CSE5012-B Module
Design Project (Chemical Engineering) CPE6002-C Module
Design, Build and Test (Biomedical and Clinical Technology) MHT4006-B Module
Design, Build and Test (Chemical) CPE4001-B Module
Design, Build and Test (Civil and Structural) CSE4003-B Module
Design, Build and Test (Mechanical) MAE4013-B Module
Developing Professional Skills - COS4003-B COS4003-B Module
Digital and Analogue Electronics - ELE4011-B ELE4011-B Module
Digital Compositing and Post Production GAV5018-B Module
Digital Preparation, Rotoscoping and Matte Painting GAV5015-B Module
Digital Systems Design - ELE5001-B ELE5001-B Module
Discipline-specific AI Project GAV5028-E Module
Dissertation COS7004-E Module
Drama Production FAM5016-B Module
Drawing for Production GAV4012-B Module
Editing FAM4005-B Module
Effects Animation and Dynamics for VFX GAV6002-B Module
Electronic Business - COS5024-B COS5002-B Module
Electronics and Mechanics ELE4013-B Module
Electronics For Bio-Sensing MHT5012-B Module
Embedded Electronics ELE5016-B Module
Engineering And Chemical Thermodynamics CPE5009-B Module
Engineering Materials ENG4007-B Module
Enterprise Pro COS5019-B Module
Environment, Set and Prop Creation (UG) GAV5014-B Module
Ethical Hacking COS7029-B Module
Experimental Filmmaking FAM6004-B Module
Facial Modelling/Animation GAV5005-B Module
Factual Film and Television FAM5007-B Module
Factual Production FAM5014-B Module
Feasibility Study CSE6003-B Module
Film Industry Practices FAM7027-B Module
Final Year Project COS6006-D Module
Financial and Project Management ENB5003-B Module
Food and Pharmaceutical Process Engineering CPE7004-B Module
Formal Methods - COS6001-B COS6001-B Module
Foundation Mathematics 1 ENM3001-B Module
Foundation Mathematics 2 ENM3002-B Module
Foundation Mechanics MAE3001-B Module
Foundation Physics MAE3002-B Module
Foundations of Cryptography COS6007-B Module
Foundations of Cryptography (PG) - COS7031-B COS7031-B Module
Functional Anatomy And Human Physiological Measurements MHT5014-B Module
Fundamentals of Internet Technology - COS4008-B COS4008-B Module
Fundamentals of Materials MAE3003-B Module
Fundamentals of Programming COS4016-B Module
Further Engineering Mathematics and Statistics ENM5005-B Module
Game Appreciation and Industry Analysis GAV5010-B Module
Game Design, Programming and Development GAV5002-B Module
Genomic Coding & Genetic Engineering MHT7011-B Module
Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Design CSE6009-B Module
Group Project ENG5060-B Module
Health Safety and Power Management FAM7022-B Module
Healthcare Technology Project MHT5005-B Module
History and Conventions of Computer Games GAV4002-B Module
Human Computer Interaction COS6029-B Module
ICT Group Project - COS5008-B COS5008-B Module
Independent Filmmaking FAM7029-B Module
Individual Project GAV6003-D Module
Individual Research Project ENG6003-D Module
Individual Research Project Civil and Structural Engineering CSE6012-B Module
Industrial AI Project GAV6011-E Module
Industrial Big Data Analysis and Mining COS7050-B Module
Information and Communications Technologies ENB3001-B Module
Information Engineering COS6010-B Module
Information Engineering and Testing COS5027-B Module
Information Systems Analysis and Design - COS5007-B COS5007-B Module
Information Theory and Data Communication - COS7007-B COS7007-B Module
Institutions and Audiences FAM4013-B Module
Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Systems MHT5013-B Module
Integrated Design ENG6004-B Module
Integrated Problem Solving Using Six Sigma Methodology MAE7025-B Module
Integrated Science Enterprise Group Project - COS5016-B COS5016-B Module
Intelligent Robotics - COS6016-B COS6016-B Module
Internet of Things (IoT) COS7039-B Module
Internet Security and Protocols COS7023-B Module
Internet Technologies COS4018-B Module
Introduction to 3D Computer Animation GAV4007-B Module
Introduction to Computer Programming for Games GAV4005-B Module
Introduction to Computing COS3003-B Module
Introduction to Digital Visual Effects GAV4009-B Module
Introduction to Software Development - COS4010-B COS4010-B Module
Introduction to Virtual Reality GAV4013-B Module
ISO27000 Framework (Information Security Management System) COS7030-B Module
Large Scale Data Driven Applications COS6009-B Module
Location Management FAM7021-B Module
Look Development - Environment Creation, Lighting and Rendering GAV5029-B Module
Look Development, Lighting and Advanced Rendering GAV5016-B Module
MA Project FAM7003-E Module
Machine Learning COS6026-B Module
Machine Learning Methods and Models GAV4016-B Module
Major Project Pre-Production GAV6007-B Module
Major Project Production GAV6008-D Module
Management of Project Procurement and Construction Contracts CSE7017-B Module
Manufacturing Systems Engineering MAE6011-B Module
Mass Transfer Operations CPE5004-B Module
Mass Transfer Operations (At Distance) CPE5010-B Module
Materials And Manufacturing Technologies ENG5059-B Module
Materials Failure Analysis MAE6012-B Module
Materials Failure Analysis And Reliability MAE6018-B Module
Mathematical Methods and Applications ENM4004-B Module
Mathematics For Clinical Technologists ENM4005-B Module
Mathematics for Computing COS4014-B Module
Mechanics of Machines and Vibration MAE5011-B Module
Media Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability - FAM5009-B FAM5009-B Module
Medical Ethics And Quality Management MHT6020-B Module
Medical Ethics and Regulations MHT6005-A Module
Medical Instrumentation and Imaging MHT6001-A Module
Mobile and Satellite Communications - ELE6004-B ELE6004-B Module
Mobile and Wireless Communications - ELE7004-B ELE7004-B Module
Mobile Application Development COS7025-B Module
Mobile Application Technologies - ELE7022-A ELE7022-A Module
Modelling and Optimisation ENM7005-B Module
Motion Capture and Digital Scanning GAV5017-B Module
Moving Image Production FAM4012-B Module
MSc Group Project COS7048-B Module
MSC Project ENG7002-E Module
Multidisciplinary Issues and Innovations GAV5027-B Module
Networks and Protocols COS7024-B Module
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems - COS6004-B COS6004-B Module
Numerical Analysis COS5018-B Module
Numerical Methods and Computer Graphics COS6021-B Module
Oil and Gas Management CPE7013-B Module
Open Channel Hydraulics CSE6008-A Module
Other Modules ENG2 Module
Outside Broadcast Dissertation FAM7026-E Module
Partial Differential Equations - COS6005-B COS6005-B Module
Petroleum Engineering CPE6006-B Module
Placement module ENG5002-Z Module
Play, Theory Practice GAV4014-B Module
Polymer and Materials Engineering CPE7012-B Module
Post Production FAM7010-B Module
Power Systems and Electrical Drives - ELE6005-B ELE6005-B Module
Practical Electronics - ELE4012-B ELE4012-B Module
Practices of Representation FAM6013-B Module
Principles of Security Technologies COS6025-B Module
Process Design CPE7014-B Module
Process Design CPE6005-B Module
Professional and Team Working FAM7023-B Module
Project ENG6001-C Module
Project Management And Six Sigma ENB7009-B Module
Project Management And Six Sigma ENB6010-B Module
Radio Systems Design - COS7036-B COS7036-B Module
Radiology and Radiation Engineering MHT4005-B Module
Reaction Engineering CPE5005-B Module
Reading The Screen FAM4016-B Module
Regenerative Medicine MHT7013-B Module
Rehabilitation and Prosthetics MHT6019-B Module
Rehabilitation Engineering MHT6017-A Module
Reliability and Safety Engineering ENB6009-B Module
Reliability Life Data Analysis MAE7022-A Module
Renal Technology MHT6014-B Module
Research Methods and Skills ELE7008-B Module
RF Systems Networking & Media Management FAM7020-B Module
Risk Assessment and Management ENB7007-B Module
Robust Engineering Systems Analysis and Failure Mode Avoidance MAE7020-B Module
Screen Realism FAM7008-B Module
Script Programming and Technical Animation GAV5001-B Module
Sensors and Instrumentation MAE6016-B Module
Short Form Commissioning FAM7028-B Module
Signal Processing - COS6022-B COS6022-B Module
Signals and Systems Theory - ELE6010-A ELE6010-A Module
Simulation Effects for Animation and Games GAV6012-B Module
Six Sigma for Business Excellence ENB6005-A Module
Smart Grids and Power Systems Analysis ELE7031-B Module
Smart Grids Operation and Economics ELE7032-B Module
Software Design and Development COS4017-B Module
Software Development COS7009-B Module
Software Engineering with Group Project - COS5005-B COS5005-B Module
Software Systems Design and Testing COS6028-B Module
Software Verification - COS6020-B COS6020-B Module
Software Verification and Testing COS6027-B Module
Soil Mechanics CSE5009-B Module
Solid Mechanics and Vibration Analysis MAE5013-B Module
Sound Engineering FAM7018-B Module
Soundscapes FAM5001-B Module
SQL: Programming and Administration - COS5009-B COS5009-B Module
Statistical Applications of Industrial Big Data COS7049-B Module
Statistical Data Analysis COS7005-B Module
Steel and Composite CSE6005-A Module
Steel and Concrete Design - CSE5008-B CSE5008-B Module
Stories and The Screen FAM4019-B Module
Story and Scriptwriting FAM4018-B Module
Storytelling, Narrative and Experience FAM5019-B Module
Structural Design Project CSE5014-B Module
Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering CSE7010-B Module
Structural Mechanics and Analysis CSE5011-B Module
Study Abroad Experience ENG5004-Z Module
Supply Chain Management and Production ENB7008-B Module
Surveying and Building Information Modelling (BIM) - CSE4001-B CSE4001-B Module
Sustainability in the Built Environment CSE6010-B Module
Sustainability in the Built Environment CSE7016-B Module
Sustainable Energy ENG6005-B Module
Sustainable Energy - ELE7025-A ELE7025-A Module
Sustainable Hydraulic Design - CSE6006-A CSE6006-A Module
Symbolic and Declarative Computing and Artificial Intelligence - COS5012-B COS5012-B Module
System Design Group Project - ELE5003-B ELE5003-B Module
System Security Management COS5017-B Module
Team Project ENG7011-D Module
Technical and Professional Skills COS4015-B Module
Telecommunications Engineering - ELE5004-B ELE5004-B Module
Telemedicine and E-Health MHT7015-B Module
Telemedicine For The Digital Health Age MHT5010-B Module
The Applied AI Professional GAV6010-D Module
Thermofluids 1 ENG4008-B Module
Thermofluids 2 MAE5012-B Module
Transport Phenomena CPE7011-B Module
Transport Processes CPE5008-B Module
Transportation Studies CSE6004-A Module
Transportation Studies CSE6013-B Module
Transportation Studies CSE7019-B Module
Unix Programming 1& 2 - COS5015-B COS5015-B Module
Upstream Production and Refinery Operations CPE7007-B Module
Vehicle Design Analysis MAE6017-B Module
Vehicle Dynamics and Control MAE6015-B Module
Vehicle Powertrain and Dynamics MAE7030-B Module
Vision Engineering FAM7019-B Module
Water and Waste Water Treatment CSE7013-B Module
Water Engineering CSE5013-B Module

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